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Jaw-dropping. Wide-eyed. Goose bumps. Those are typical reactions when you hear the Briefcase for the first time. Or the hundredth. The one that started it all, the Briefcase delivers insane tone and volume through TWO 5 drivers. At 28 lbs. and 100 watts, the Briefcase easily handles the low E string and can even accommodate the low B! 5-band EQ lets you dial in the proper tone and a variety of outputs allow you to practice in private, expand your sound with an extension cabinet or go direct to a mixing board. And for the ultimate in portability, it can run on 12V sealed lead acid battery! The Briefcase is great for both electric and acoustic basses. Model Briefcase Description Practice/studio combo with battery power option, 100w output , 2x5"spkrs, 1CH, 5band EQ Active/passive input Size 6.5 x 14.5 x 15.75 Accessories Power cord, DC cord, Allen key set Power Output 100W RMS Speakers 2x PJB PIRANHA TYPE B NetWeight 28 lbs/12.7 kg Volts 120 & 230 AC & 12V DC US$ MSRP $699

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